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Encounters of the arctic kind: Newport Aquarium and penguin date

I know what you’re thinking: Newport Aquarium is where I take my kids or my little cousin. I don’t go there for date nights.

I think, in my life, I had only gone to Newport Aquarium two or three times as a child. It was mostly for field trips, I guess.

Two years ago, I went there on a double date, and that’s when I realized it’s not just for kids. I remembered that this time.

Yes, it does get packed. So if you’re looking for calmer waters, I’d try during the week. We went on a Saturday, so it was a little crowded, but it didn’t ruin our experience.

Once you’re inside, the experience is magical. I’m not a fish person, but watching them swim around is so peaceful to me. Have you ever really stopped to watch seahorses? It’s beautiful. Fun fact: Male seahorses actually carry the babies.

Not only is the view great, it’s educational. Who says you have to be on a field trip to learn something? My boyfriend is a science guy, so it was perfect for us.

Before we started our journey through the aquarium, we took part in a penguin encounter.

Oh my gosh, have you done this? If not, you need to.

We got to go into a room and hang out with penguins. If they aren’t too rowdy, you’ll get a chance to pet them.

One of the penguins, Blueberry, ended up being besties with my boyfriend and kept sitting on his shoe.

The experience was one of a kind, and I totally recommend it. It’s also not too expensive. You can sign up for a penguin encounter here.

After our experience, we stopped at Tom and Chee for a grilled cheese. With the aquarium right on the levee, you can make a whole date day out of it.

So if you thought, hey, the aquarium is just for kids, you need to drop that mindset right away. It was fun and worth the trip!


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