Lizzie Kibler

I’m one who wears many different hats because I didn’t want to settle for just one thing.

My main driving passion is journalism because of my desire to hear people’s stories and learn about them. I want to help tell your story. I want to know you. As cheesy as it is, everyone does have a story. Because of being interested in other people’s stories, I have met incredible people and learned so many new things that I would have never found if I didn’t ask, “Hey, what is your life story?”

Much like getting a different perspective in photography or video, it’s important to look at a new perspective in writing.

Other than writing, I’ve tried my hand at photography and video. I like to take artistic photos as well as work with photojournalism. I can also shoot and edit video. I’m well-versed in Adobe premiere.

Website design also fascinates me and I’ve worked with Photoshop, Maya, Flash, and I’m learning JavaScript right now.

I have several skills such as writing, editing, social media, B2B/B2C marketing and more.

Feel free to browse my several articles and pieces under each category.

I have a degree in journalism with two minors in electronic media broadcasting and media informatics.

My previous jobs include an internship with WVXU assisting in the production of Cincinnati Edition, arts & life editor for NKU’s newspaper The Northerner, production assistant at WLWT Channel 5, contributor for River City News, an on-street “fun” reporter for Citicable for the Opening Day parade and digital content specialist at Date Night Cincinnati.

View my resume here.

Thank you and have a great day!





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