Date Night Cincinnati · Monthly experts

Gardening advice for couples

Spring is in the air, and it's time to start planting gardens, but where do you start? We talked with Mark House, the assistant manager from Krohn Conservatory, for some gardening advice! Date Night Cincinnati (DNC): When is the best time to start planting flowers? Mark House (MH): When people say "flowers," they are often… Continue reading Gardening advice for couples

Date Night Cincinnati · Monthly experts

The romance behind craft beer

Each month, we talk to a local expert about a specific topic in the most date-night way. For the month of March, we talked with Dream Facilitator, Lindsey Roeper from Rivertown Brewing Co. to discuss her romance with craft beer. If you aren't familiar with Rivertown, check out our review here.  Date Night Cincinnati (DNC):… Continue reading The romance behind craft beer