Date Night Cincinnati

As the content specialist for Date Night Cincinnati, I learned a lot and I did a lot. It was a project launched under Reach USA that provided a place for couples to find great date ideas in the Great Cincinnati area.

When I arrived, I was tasked with several goals for the site. I needed to grow our subscriber number for our weekly newsletter, grow social media and analytics. During all that, I also had to put together a magazine that would be released quarterly to our premium subscribers.

We put together events and I made appearances at events hosted by Cincy Chic such as the Eco-Chic fashion show and the Lady in Red event hosted at Macy’s.

Unfortunately, Reach USA underwent a change in management and the new management didn’t want to keep Date Night Cincinnati running. However, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t successful!

I successfully grew our social media to 9,800 Facebook likes, 977 Twitter followers and more than 1,700 Instagram followers.

When I started, we were at 9,200 Facebook likes and this was over a span of three months.

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I also contacted several restaurants in the area for reviews from Slatt’s Pub to Jeff Ruby’s Carlo & Johnny to Boi Na Braza. Of course, I didn’t do this alone. I managed a few bloggers in Cincinnati who were my writers. I had about seven writers reporting to me.

Feel free to browse my reviews on this site! Anything under the “Date Night Cincinnati” category was published on that site or will be.